Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Though Mountains Fall By: Dale Cramer

Thanks to Bethany House for another great book! I received this free e-book through their review program. Dale Cramer is a new author to me. I love when I get a chance to read a new book from a beloved author but I am just as excited to read one from a new author.

This book follows an Amish community and family through their time in Mexico trying to build a new community there. It shows the trials of the culture, the time period and the lifestyle they have to learn to deal with and understand. It is a story that really show how is love and forgiveness can surpass any religion or tradition and bring people separated by rules back together through loss and change. it shows how love and lessons move from parent to child and how lovingly we capture the teachings of those who we surround our lives with.

I felt this book stood well in its time period, place, culture and really gripped my heart as we watched one character grow to understand His love and grace and then lose it and a father come to a place of knowing what the true love of God is. I look forward to reading more of Cramer's books and letting the love of God work in me through the beauty of his writing.

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