Friday, January 17, 2014

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate --- A book Review

A huge thank you to Tyndale House for giving me a free book to review.  I love that I get these opportunities!

 Running from her ex, Tandi Jo Reese finds refuge in a deserted caregiver’s cottage on Hatteras Island. Everyone assumes that she’s there to take care of the main house, and she is supported and befriended by the locals.  Things are especially difficult for Tandi, since she has two children. Tandi then discovers a heritage left behind by the deceased owner in prayer boxes.  She is inspired by the owners faith and life.  Her road of faith has been hard between choosing the wrong man and a daughter the is in a rebellious stage. Wingate, takes the story of ashes to beauty to a new level. 

Lisa Wingate is such a wonderful author.  She constantly has this ability to tug at the heart strings and give you multiple ways to connect with the characters.  Tandi (the main character) works through so many hardships, trials, and challenges throughout this book --- it is a beautiful story of reaching that point in your life where you come to a place where something has to give.  The beauty of growth and forgiveness....showing how your past can truly become your future and finding love in the most unlikely places...learning how much your children should be in the front of your life and not the back....I was taken all across the board of life in this story and would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read!