Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Review: Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate

I truly enjoyed and loved this book.  I have enjoyed this author before and I was just as thrilled with this book as i have been with others...Bethany House, through their awesome program blessed me with a free copy.

It is amazing when something that seems hasty and out of character takes on a life of its own and before we know it, He has made it a stepping stone to a place that He has planned for us all along. That is what this book brings...finding love, being in a instant family, new place, new atmosphere and life....yet in the midst of it all, purposes are brought out and amazing things come to be.  The characters in this story go through change in everyday, especially Mallory, our main really shows how being thrown into something new can bring things out in us that we never could imagine...from marriage, to motherhood and a lifestyle change --- Mallory seeks for answers, for her place, for her future... And through scandal and mystery she finds her purpose, her strength and a part of herself she never thought she could want.

I was gripped, intrigued, excited, nervous and from tears to fear...this book was amazing!! I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with a crossroads in their life.

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